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Illegal Wildlife trade in Spiders (during main meeting)
Organizers: Stefan Prost (LOEWE Institute for TBG, Frankfurt) & Sergio Henriques (IUCN SSC Spider Specialist Group Chair, Zoological Society of London, UK)

Illegal wildlife trade is one of the largest illegal industries world-wide, affecting all parts of the tree of life. Spiders and other arachnids are heavily traded internationally for the pet trade, regularly encased in plastic or framed for souvenirs and to a lesser extend nationally for bush meat, traditional medicine (TM) and witch craft (WC) markets. This trade is likely to affect Theraphosidae disproportionately, as they are very popular pets, particularly in Europe and thought-after ingredients for TM and WC. This symposium explores the reasons why listing is debated in the community, which species should be listed and how morphology and genetics can be used to better understand and counteract the illegal trade of spiders.


SpiderSpotter - Introducing the Citizen Science App (during main meeting)
Organizer: Bram Vanthournout (University of Ghent, Belgium)

Citizen Scientist programs are more and more an essential addition to our research projects. We will discuss how to organize and conduct useful Citizen Science projects. The organisers will present the SpiderSpotter App, which was developed as part of the Belgium SPIN-CITY project (https://www.spiderspotter.com/en/info/spin-city). This workshop has as main goal to bring together interested researchers that see a potential for the use of the App and would like to collaborate in order to obtain an integrated spider dataset from cities across Europe.